Broadcasters Challenge Broadband TV Patent Submarine Threat

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I’ve pointed out how the EBU, the world’s largest organization of national broadcasters, is beating the drum to avoid patent lock-ins in new standards for hybrid broadcast-broadband TV services. EBU’s own write-up of last week’s EBU/ETSI workshop is even more direct: “Broadcasters are haunted by the ghosts of the submarine patents which emerged with MHP… Read more »

Royalty-Free Brazil Java DTV Highlighted at JavaOne Conference

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Good to see prominent billing for “Java in Brazilian Java DTV” at the upcoming JavaOne conference. Second topic listed in the press release right after cloud computing! SANTA CLARA, Calif. April 13, 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: JAVA) today announced the 2009 JavaOne conference schedule … Some of the accepted sessions include: Cloud Computing: Show… Read more »

Java@Digital TV Conference

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A bright potential is shining for interactive TV in Brazil, which has a unique moment of opportunity to start from a complete, royalty-free specification — Ginga — and avoid the systemic stalling gridlock that has plagued patent-based/industry-segment-controlled interactive TV in the US and elsewhere. The first developer conference is announced here for April 2. It… Read more »

Royalty-Free Java DTV Specification Released for Brazil and the World

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Sun Microsystems has released a royalty-free Java specification as an alternative to the royalty-encumbered “GEM” and “MHP” family of digital TV specifications developed by the European Digital Video Broadcasting group and associated groups. “GEM” and “MHP” may not be exactly household words, but they are the backbone specifications of the interactivity layer of Blu-ray, US… Read more »