Brazil Government Decides to Include Ginga Software Standard in Brazilian TVs

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The Brazil government has decided to include the Ginga software standard in Brazilian TVs, starting January 2013. The announcement and decree are translated below. Multiple news articles in Brazil have covered the run-up to this announcement (links below).  Ginga TV sets have been shipping for some time, but the official certification program is not yet… Read more »

MPEG envisages royalty-free MPEG video coding standard

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MPEG has issued a press release describing its intent to move forward on developing a royalty-free MPEG standard. The press release is here, relevant part is below.  The meeting resolution approving the press release is here. ************ UPDATE:  This press release was picked up in multiple articles, and most interestingly discussed in the Guardian blog… Read more »

DTG Group Challenges Semi-Open Stance of Project Canvas

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Last August I questioned if the BBC-led hybrid DTV Project Canvas was “seduced by the cynical allure of a semi-open ‘standards-based open environment‘” . Many kudos to the DTG — the lead UK DTV standards group — who today released its tough-love “parallel process” criticism in the BBC Trust oversight consultation. To wit:  “it is… Read more »

A Royalty-Free MPEG: It’s Time for ISO and ITU to Deliver

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In late 2001, to much industry enthusiasm, H.264 and MPEG-4 AVC were launched as the world’s unifying codec family in a joint project between ITU and ISO/MPEG with the undertaking that the “JVT [Joint Video Team] will define a “baseline” profile. That profile should be royalty-free for all implementations.” The failure to deliver on this… Read more »

Patent Dumping For Democracy: Reconsidering America’s DTV Diplomacy

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“More Democratic” … “It is a matter of social justice” So US ambassadors have lobbied South American governments since 2007 that “[t]he issue is whether the government will choose the [ATSC] digital television standard that is already providing the highest quality, lowest cost, and most democratic opportunities …” In recent months Peru, Argentina, and now… Read more »

Hybrid TV: The Way Forward?

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At the 2009 Brazil SET Broadcasting & Cable Conference I presented on 3 panel topics: “DTV Patent Pools:  What’s Wrong & How to Fix It“ “Conformance & Certification: Key to Digital Switch Over“ “Hybrid TV, The Way Forward?“(pdf) The overall theme that Brazil has become a world DTV leader was picked up in the Brazil… Read more »