Mozilla Foundation Invests in Open Video

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Open video — specifically open, royalty-free video and media formats — got a boost when Mozilla Foundation announced yesterday it is providing $100K to support development of improved Theora encoders and more powerful playback libraries. That’s great news, hugely deserved, and even TechCrunch took note. Congratulations! Now venture capitalists, enterprises, governments, education & research facilities… Read more »

Hey Obama: Rethink Digital Television

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“American consumers will purchase more than 45 million DTVs and will be overcharged more than one billion dollars in the crucial digital transition years of 2008 and 2009 alone” What?  The transition to digital TV is a massive overcharging scam? That’s the gist of a filing last week to the FCC by two US-based TV makers,… Read more »

Royalty-Free Java DTV Specification Released for Brazil and the World

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Sun Microsystems has released a royalty-free Java specification as an alternative to the royalty-encumbered “GEM” and “MHP” family of digital TV specifications developed by the European Digital Video Broadcasting group and associated groups. “GEM” and “MHP” may not be exactly household words, but they are the backbone specifications of the interactivity layer of Blu-ray, US… Read more »